What We Buy

At Regional Metal Services, our facilities in Georgia and Tennessee produce specialty aluminum and copper materials to service the needs presented within the automotive, construction, packaging, transportation, and utilities sectors of our global economy.


By investing in proprietary technology and processing capabilities, we’re able to serve both our

suppliers of raw materials and our end market customers domestically and internationally.

Our aluminum scrap packages include :

• Clean Lithographic Sheets “Tablet”

• Mixed Low Copper Clips & Sheet “Taboo”

• Mixed Old Sheet “Taint-Tabor”

• Painted Siding, Gutters, & Downspouts “Tale”

• Aluminum-Copper Radiators “Talk”

• Aluminum Wire & Cable “Talon”

• Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced – ACSR “Trill”

• Aluminum Pistons “Tarry A, B, & C”

• Aluminum Extrusions Dealer Grade “Tutu”

We also offer brass scrap packages, including semi red brass materials.


Along with buying and selling aluminum and copper materials,we also work with manufacturers, governments, and primary metals producers on large scale projects within the base metals and energy sectors of our economy.

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